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Dentistry of Norcross Offers Complete Family Dentistry in Norcross, GA

Dentistry of Norcross is happy to be making a difference in so many of his patients' lives through the practice of Family Dentistry. His training and credentials are reflected in the expertise he displays at each dental appointment. Since good oral health habits are formed during the earliest years of life, he welcomes patients of all ages to his office and  recommends that patients come in twice annually for a teeth cleaning in order to maintain a high level of good oral health.

family brushing teethNorcross Family Dentistry... for the Entire Family
Recognizing that good dental habits are established early on in life, Dentistry of Norcross encourages parents to bring their children into the office approximately six months after the first baby tooth has fully emerged. For most children, this visit will occur shortly after the first year. Alternatively, all children should be seen by a family dentist by the age of two when all of the baby teeth have fully emerged. Our office sees patients of all ages, enabling us to follow each patient's dental health from early childhood through adulthood.
What to Expect during Your Child's First Dental Examination

Creating a child-friendly atmosphere has been essential for our success in dealing with small children. Our staff is sensitive to the needs of toddlers and adolescents, enabling us to make them feel comfortable and relaxed during each visit. Using easy-to-understand language, our dental hygienist explains the best way for children to brush their teeth and keep them clean.
Each exam is completed in a leisurely, but professional manner, giving your child the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about good oral hygiene habits. We explain each stage of the visit so that your child knows exactly what to expect and when. As a special reward, children can visit our treasure chest to make a selection after each appointment.
Family Dentistry in Norcross
Dentistry of Norcross offers general as well as cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures. We believe that a healthy person often begins with a healthy mouth and are committed to staying abreast of the current trends in dental technology.
We are pleased to welcome patients to a modern office with amenities including reading materials, warm décor, and comfortable seating. We want our patients to be relaxed from the moment they enter our office.
If it’s time for you or a family member to visit the dentist, call our Norcross office today.


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